LMM Lichfield Movie Makers



The inaugural meeting of Lichfield Cine Society took place at The Bridge Tavern, St John Street, Lichfield on 25th April 1968 and 30 members attended. During the following years the clubroom moved to The Windmill Inn, St Michael's Church Hall and Swinfen Hall before arriving at our present location: Martin Heath Hall.

In those days we were using 8mm and 16mm film. Editing involved cutting and splicing and sound was usually on separate tape until striped film became available. There were many gadgets available to enable us achieve 'lip-synch'. The club used to purchase film in bulk to sell on to members at a discount.

During the 1970's colour television and home video video recording appeared followed by camcorders. They were bulky and picture quality was poor, made worse by copying during editing but videotape was cheap and it gradually replaced film. Initally we could only show our member's videos on 26" television screens (the largest available at the time) until we acquired an affordable video projector. Cine equipment began disappearing from the shops.

During the 1980's it became possible to edit on computer. The 'digital' revolution resulted in many new formats and picture quality improved. Our members were now mainly using video and in order to reflect this, on 3rd October 1985 it was decided to change our name to Lichfield Cine & Video Society

In the 1990's wide 16:9 flat screen TV's and monitors appeared along with high definition (1920 x 1080 pixels) video and the change to electronic imaging was complete. On 17th May 1996 it was decided to update and change our name to Lichfield Movie Makers.

Now we've reached the 21st century and we all use high definition video to make our movies but there is yet another format available: 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels). Cameras, TV's and monitors are already available and no doubt 4K video projectors will be available at reasonable cost eventually.